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Angela Cain Communications

Are you having trouble growing customers and building your business’s image, brand, and revenue? Research shows that your stories of services and impact make emotional connections that attract engaged and dedicated customers.

Let storytelling experts get you the results you need.

Angela Cain Communications is a PR, media, and brand storytelling agency with Emmy award-winning storytellers. They are broadcast journalists who specialize in identifying and telling your story of what matters most by writing compelling content that helps solve customers’ problems. That includes results-oriented marketing videos, blogs, emails, website copy, social media content, podcast stories, digital ads and commercial ads for television and radio.

Great storytelling helps you stand out in the crowd,  convincing customers and other audiences to choose you.

Your Story of Service Builds Customers

Angela Cain Communications also helps grow your business through PR and media relations campaigns and corporate social responsibility initiatives. With dozens of years of media and community relations experience, the team at Angela Cain Communications knows what the media, community, and customers want and how to attract attention.

They also provide media training to help businesses develop key messages and prepare for media interviews.

Angela Cain is a strategic communications professional with a background in public affairs and community affairs. She is an Emmy award-winning, former television news anchor and reporter who regularly blogs and produces other digital content about issues that matter most to audiences.

Learn more about these and other services from Angela Cain Communications.

What Matters Most 2 U?

We get this one beautiful life, at least on this earth. Are you living the life you’ve always wanted? Do you have great relationships, a job that thrills you, and a path toward pursuing your passions and purpose? Or, do you sometimes feel lost, unfulfilled and overwhelmed, wondering… what is life really about? Why are you here? I want to help inspire you to write a new story in your life that focuses on what matters most. Ready to be more fulfilled?

I am a storyteller, a former television news anchor and reporter. As part of my communications business, I also created What Matters Most 2 U? to share inspirational, motivational and educational blogs featuring people’s stories, and interviews with experts, that can help you focus on your priorities. After 30 years as a journalist and thousands of interviews, I’ve discovered we have a lot in common about what matters most: passions and purpose, relationships, family, parenting, health, self-improvement, careers, education, spirituality, and community, are among them.

Please share your story of What Matters Most 2 U. Get ideas from the categories above. Tell me the lessons you’ve learned, the obstacles you’ve overcome, the purpose you’ve discovered and what life has taught you about what really matters. I may select your story and share it so that you can inspire, motivate or educate others! I believe that we are in this world to connect, to share and to love. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s spread the word about what matters most. (*Please share your information in the form below)

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