How to Change Your Life With Your Story – What Matters Most 2 U?

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What Matters Most 2 U?  We get this one life – one beautiful life, at least on this earth – and after writing thousands of stories and conducting countless interviews as a Television News Anchor, Reporter, Talk Show Host and Community Affairs Director, I’ve learned that we all share one common goal: to focus on what matters most in our lives. The stories that I have written, as a 30-year television broadcaster, helped change my life. In 2000, they helped propel me to leave a coveted role as an early evening News Anchor and Health Reporter at KXAS-TV, an NBC owned and operated station in Dallas, which was one of the biggest television news markets in the country. I was honored to be offered a long contract …


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Be honest. Has someone else’s action or opinion of you ever stolen your joy? Has it weighed you down and caused you to doubt yourself…keeping you from moving forward… impacting your life purpose and goals? I was blessed to share thousands of people’s stories, and interview countless experts about some of the issues that matter most in our lives, as a television news anchor/journalist for more than 30 years. But that did not inoculate me from experiencing my own ups and downs, the pains and sorrows of life, including rejection from others or criticism that gave me doubts about my own purpose, personally and professionally. So, as part of my new chapter as an entrepreneur, I blog about “what matters most” in life – topics …

5 Ways to Adjust During Career Change Without Fear: What Matters Most

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There is a lesson I learned long ago in life. It’s something that I didn’t take to heart when I was younger – unblemished by the hard knocks, losses, and struggles that often fill our life landscape, the longer we live. The lesson is something very simple. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right”]There is one constant in life… and that is change.[/tweet_box] Change is similar to ‘death and taxes’- things that are inevitable. I remember hearing that phrase about change again at a management retreat. I was a Department Head, at the time, at a television station. You see, up until that point and for some time beyond, I was blessed with what many would view as a successful career. I was an award-winning television news anchor/reporter for …

How to Find Purpose & What Matters Most: A TV News Anchor’s Journey as a Storyteller

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  What Matters Most 2 U?  We get this one life – one beautiful life, at least on this earth – and after writing thousands of stories and conducting countless interviews as a former Television News Anchor, Reporter, Talk Show Host and Community Affairs Director, this is what I’ve learned. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]We all share one common goal – to focus on what matters most in our lives. So what is that for you?[/tweet_box] Are you living into your purpose? Are you focusing on your priorities? And, when it is all said and done, what life story will you leave behind? It is not too late to refocus and change that story. For most of my life, I have been inspired by people’s stories and what really matters to …

A Life Lesson from the “9/11 Singing Policeman”: How To Survive Difficult Times – What Matters Most 2 U

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A Life Lesson from a 9/11 survivor. If you listen to his singing voice, you understand the power of a beautiful instrument. But if you listen to his story, you understand the fragility of life and how he survived – not one – but two hardships. Daniel Rodriguez, the “9/11 Singing Policeman,” has a voice that helped “heal a nation” after September 11, 2001. A New York police officer, at the time, he stoked our national pride. His stirring performances of “God Bless America” at several memorial events and on television touched millions of people. So in the wake of that horror, he proved that patriotism was not buried beneath the ashes of the World Trade Center. A LIFE LESSON FROM A TWO-TIME SURVIVOR Daniel Rodriguez was …

5 Reasons You Need Video To Tell Your Business’s Story & Secrets To Video Success

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Your business’s story matters most. It is a crucial part of who you are. But how do you tell it in a way that makes people listen and respond? And, how do you attract more customers by telling your business’s story? The answers may lie in creating videos to get audiences excited about your brand. Some content marketing experts have predicted that 2017 is the year of video marketing. Why? 1. VIDEOS TELL AND SELL YOUR BUSINESS’S STORY Numbers don’t lie. According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online every day. Therefore, your business has a built-in audience for visual content with millions online, 24/7, around the world. Just look at YouTube. That is where countless numbers of businesses create video …

How to Live Dr. Martin Luther King’s Words Every Day

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The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are perhaps more profound today than any other time in recent history. I believe that they are a light to guide us, words that are not just there for us to repeat, as we celebrate the Dr. King holiday, but words to live by – every day. Think of how it could change the world, if we placed some of Dr. King’s most famous quotes in a place where we could see them, as we head out to work each morning. At lunch, when we’re on a break. Before we go to bed at night. Millions of Americans spend a lot of time on their cell phones and social media pages every day. Why not save Dr. …

Five Ways to Relieve Presidential Campaign Stress

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As a former television news anchor/reporter, it is in my DNA to stay informed and up-to-date on news around the world, so I am often glued to national news on television, my phone or on social media. But that information overload, during one of the most contentious and painful presidential campaigns in recent history, elevates our stress.

How to Flee from Abuse: An Incest & Abuse Survivor Empowers Others

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It’s something all parents hope to hear their children say. “I had an ideal life. I had loving parents and a wonderful childhood.” That was the distorted view of a young child, whom I will call Keandra, to protect her identity. That is how Keandra felt during the first few years of her life, while growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana years ago. But that was before her young life turned horribly heartbreaking. Keandra is an adult now, a mother of six, and she and her children have been living at Sheltering Wings, an emergency shelter for abused women and children in Danville, Indiana, for more than a year. It’s a place, that she says, saved her life. But what happened? And how did she get …

“UNDOING RACISM”: What Matters Most

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It’s a conversation few people want to have. It makes us uncomfortable. Tense. Pits people against each other. It’s a conversation about racism. How to confront it and how to prevent it. “Undoing racism.” Is that even possible? One nonprofit executive has been committed to finding out, speaking loudly and clearly on the subject, since 2010. And, she is doing it to fight for the rights of African-American children in the child welfare system and to fight inherent prejudices in our community. Cindy Booth is the executive director of Child Advocates, a non-profit organization in Indianapolis, that serves abused and neglected children, providing court-appointed special advocates to represent them in court and in the foster care system. Studies have shown that Marion County has much higher numbers …