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Angela Cain

President, Angela Cain Communications

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved stories. You might find me in a quiet space, in a small, two-bedroom house filled with the hub-bub of six children, buried in a book and acting out the characters. I have always loved the way that words leap from the printed page and embed themselves into the readers’ heart, absorbing us and taking us wherever the author leads.

So I started a new chapter in my life five years ago, launching a small business focused on a passion for writing stories, a passion sparked in childhood and honed in my Emmy award-winning journalism career. Let Angela Cain Communications tell your story. Stories of businesses, including non-profits, that aren’t just about the facts, figures, and the statistics but about what matters most to your company and staff. Stories about the special way you serve your customers and how you enhance their lives or solve their problems. Stories that showcase what makes your business unique and persuade clients to choose you.

What's your storyYou see, great stories about what matters most to you and your business, make emotional connections with your target audiences, and can increase your image, clients, and your bottom line – revenue. Stories are how customers remember you. They help you stand out from the crowd.

I know how it works because I wrote thousands of stories for thirty years as a television news anchor and reporter, making emotional connections with television audiences, creating content that helped increase our ratings, image, and brand.

I wrote an award-winning 30-part series on cancer as a top-ten market news anchor and health reporter in Dallas. I wrote news series and television news specials “Shattering the Silence” on domestic abuse, a campaign that I created as the community affairs director at the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis. This 12-year campaign of news stories, television ads, community events, and a call-to-action increased calls to domestic abuse hotlines by 50% and prompted viewers to donate or volunteer at area shelters. I was honored to win many journalism awards for my storytelling, but here is what that really means. It means that the content I produced was compelling, connected with audiences, and motivated them to take action. That is the impact of great storytelling for your business.

I was also the director of public affairs at the Indianapolis Airport Authority where I produced and wrote corporate videos and internal and external communications telling the story of the “Best Airport in North America.” I created a communications & marketing team and we increased Facebook fans by 12,000 in ten months, and media coverage by nearly 40%, by telling the airport’s story. We created stories that we promoted through PR campaigns, events, and community relations increasing the airport’s visibility and image. So, I know how to identify stories that resonate with your clients, the community, and other audiences that matter most to you.

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Angela Cain Communications can tell your story through video, blogs, podcasts, thought leadership articles, emails, digital, tv, and radio ads, and other content marketing portals. We meet with you, determine your goals and expectations, and share your unique story tailored to your target audience. And, once we tell it, we can help distribute it through PR, Media Relations, and other targeted events or campaigns. With a long history in television news, I know how to tell a story that can capture the media’s attention and attract more business through social media and other marketing channels.

Let Angela Cain Communications tell your story of what matters most. We can help grow your business and help you impact more lives.

Learn more about all of our services including all media relations, event scripting, corporate responsibility initiatives, and my personal voice-over work and public speaking. See some of my video work and other professional accomplishments on LinkedIn.