Five Ways to Relieve Presidential Campaign Stress

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As a former television news anchor/reporter, it is in my DNA to stay informed and up-to-date on news around the world, so I am often glued to national news on television, my phone or on social media. But that information overload, during one of the most contentious and painful presidential campaigns in recent history, elevates our stress.

How to Flee from Abuse: An Incest & Abuse Survivor Empowers Others

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It’s something all parents hope to hear their children say. “I had an ideal life. I had loving parents and a wonderful childhood.” That was the distorted view of a young child, whom I will call Keandra, to protect her identity. That is how Keandra felt during the first few years of her life, while growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana years ago. But that was before her young life turned horribly heartbreaking. Keandra is an adult now, a mother of six, and she and her children have been living at Sheltering Wings, an emergency shelter for abused women and children in Danville, Indiana, for more than a year. It’s a place, that she says, saved her life. But what happened? And how did she get …