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Be honest. Has someone else’s action or opinion of you ever stolen your joy? Has it weighed you down and caused you to doubt yourself…keeping you from moving forward… impacting your life purpose and goals? I was blessed to share thousands of people’s stories, and interview countless experts about some of the issues that matter most in our lives, as a television news anchor/journalist for more than 30 years. But that did not inoculate me from experiencing my own ups and downs, the pains and sorrows of life, including rejection from others or criticism that gave me doubts about my own purpose, personally and professionally. So, as part of my new chapter as an entrepreneur, I blog about “what matters most” in life – topics …

5 Ways to Adjust During Career Change Without Fear: What Matters Most

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There is a lesson I learned long ago in life. It’s something that I didn’t take to heart when I was younger – unblemished by the hard knocks, losses, and struggles that often fill our life landscape, the longer we live. The lesson is something very simple. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right”]There is one constant in life… and that is change.[/tweet_box] Change is similar to ‘death and taxes’- things that are inevitable. I remember hearing that phrase about change again at a management retreat. I was a Department Head, at the time, at a television station. You see, up until that point and for some time beyond, I was blessed with what many would view as a successful career. I was an award-winning television news anchor/reporter for …

Five Ways to Relieve Presidential Campaign Stress

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As a former television news anchor/reporter, it is in my DNA to stay informed and up-to-date on news around the world, so I am often glued to national news on television, my phone or on social media. But that information overload, during one of the most contentious and painful presidential campaigns in recent history, elevates our stress.