Our lives are built on stories, capturing people’s attention and connecting us to each other. Your business has a compelling story but do you know how to tell it so that customers listen and respond? Studies show that people get engaged when you touch them with your story. And, in today’s social media-centric and content marketing world, your story penetrates further and faster than ever before.

Angela Cain Communications helps businesses, including non-profits, tell their stories of what matters most through media relations, public relations, and community relations initiatives. We specialize in brand storytelling – writing relevant and compelling stories about who you are, how you meet your customers’ needs, and how you serve communities locally, nationally, or worldwide. We help you identify stories, including client testimonials, that focus on how you solve customers’ problems. That helps you stand out in a crowd and creates emotional connections with target audiences boosting image, clients, sponsors/partnerships, and revenue.

Angela Cain Communications also helps distribute your stories through content marketing channels; creates communications strategies and key messages for your business; develops PR and media relations campaigns; and helps build company image through corporate social responsibility initiatives, including events.

Angela Cain has a wealth of experience as a strategic communications professional, a former director of public affairs and community affairs, and an Emmy award-winning news anchor/reporter. She knows what the media wants, what target audiences respond to and how to craft stories that get you the attention you deserve.

How We Do It: Serving Our Clients

  • Identify and craft compelling content marketing messages and stories: We write your business’s stories, including videos, blogs, social media content, website copy, podcast stories, digital ads, and radio and television commercials.  We meet with you to determine your goals for your stories and your target audiences. The best stories begin with great interviews, a unique skill set from journalists at Angela Cain Communications. From those interviews, we shape stories of your business’s origins, success, services, staff, and clients.
    • Then, we can help distribute results-oriented stories on strategic marketing channels including email newsletters, blogs, and traditional media platforms such as television and radio advertising.
  • Develop specialized blogs to showcase your leader’s expertise. We also write blogs to establish company executives as “Thought Leaders,” building your business’s reputation, respect, and reach.
  • Create public relations and media relations campaigns. As a former broadcast journalist, Angela Cain has special insight into crafting press releases and telling stories that increase media interest in print, digital and traditional platforms. As Community Affairs and Public Affairs Director, she also has experience planning, executing, and promoting community events and campaigns.
  • Conduct Media Relations Training. We can work with executives or any staff to coach them and teach tips on “how to talk to the media” individually or we can host a full media training workshop for companies which includes how to craft talking points.
  • Conduct Storytelling Training. We can present storytelling tips through a speaking engagement or by hosting a half-day storytelling workshop for selected staff.
  • Write effective and informative scripts for events. Angela Cain Communications has extensive experience writing or re-writing scripts for non-profits’ and organizations’ events and fundraisers.
  • Identify community initiatives to build a business’s corporate social responsibility and community image. We have years of experience in community affairs, identifying community initiatives and campaigns for your target audiences and executing them with impact. And, if people know you care, they will care about you.

What Matters Most Program

  • Help businesses increase visibility, community branding, and image through sponsorship of a What Matters Most 2 U podcast or other media venue hosted by Angela Cain, an award-winning journalist.
  • Angela will interview experts and everyday people on issues that matter most such as: passions and purpose, health, relationships, careers, parenting, family, education, self-improvement, spirituality, and community.

Personality:  Angela Cain

  • Performs voice-over work or serves as host for corporate or non-profit videos
  • Performs motivational or professional speeches on topics such as: How to Tell Your Business’s Story so That Audiences Listen and Respond; What Matters Most Motivational Speech – A Storyteller’s Journey; Community Volunteerism and Engagement; and Shattering the Silence on Domestic Abuse
  • Serves as Emcee and scriptwriter for business or non-profit events

Let specially-produced videos tell your story, make connections with your audiences, and grow your business. Click to see what we’ve done for other clients.